Going Green 

As a premier HVAC/R company we understand that a majority of your energy bill is consumed by your air conditioning and heating equipment in our region. This is why we decided not only offer the best HVAC equipment to suit your needs, but to also offer inexpensive solutions to help lower your home or business's energy consumption. One of the best and least expensive ways to lower your energy bills is through the power of insulation.


Why  Insulation

Insulation is the most economical and cost effective way to lower your monthly energy consumption. Approximately 15 - 25% of your energy loss is through the ceilings of your home or business. Insulation will lower the thermal transfer of heat through the ceiling. The new minimum requirement for attics by the U.S. Department of Energy for our region is R-30 - 60. Fiber glass insulation should have a minimum depth of 10" to 14" depending on they type and brand. Cellulose insulation should be roughly 8" to 10" depending on how old it is. If your insulation is below the ceiling joist level then you are in need of insulation to help lower your energy bills.

In the Houston and surrounding areas the heating and cooling percentage would be estimated to 50 - 60% 
This is pie chart represents approximately the percentages of energy loss in most residential and commercial buildings.

CertianTEED InsulSafe SP (white)

InsulSafe SP has excellent coverage and thermal resistant properties. This insulation will last the life of the house and reduce the energy demand and cost. This means that it will not settle, rot, or decay due to moisture in our region. InsulSafe SP is 30 - 35% recycled material and exceeds EPA Recovered Material Guideline for fiber glass products. 

Why These Products 

We chose to use these products because they are all top quality products. These are produces that we would use in our own homes. Another reason is that going GREEN also means using recycled materials to help corner our waste problem in the United States. The third and final reason is GreenFiber, Pro Pink L77, and InsulSafe all give you the best bang for your buck making it cost effective to make your home or business more energy efficient. 

Owens Corning Pro Pink L77

Pro Pink L77 has the highest thermal resistance rating of any fiber glass insulation. This means it takes 18% less fiber glass insulation to achieve the desired R-value. Noncombustible and not conductive to moisture means it will not rot or decay in our humid region. Pro Pink L77 is also composed of approximately 50% recycled materials.

GreenFiber (Cellulose) 515 Low Dust:

GreenFiber 515 Low Dust is a cellulose insulation made from 85% recycled paper and treated to meet or exceed all fire codes. Cellulose has a higher R-Value compared to traditional fiber glass insulation and excellent for achieving maximum thermal transfer resistance.


Please keep in mind that different insulation manufactures and types vary in R-Values. the age of them home will also determine the thickness of your ceiling joist ranging rom 2x6 to 2x10. However, this will give you a just quick idea if your insulation is inadequate.