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We will be participating in the BP MS 150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. We are proud to raise money for multiple sclerosis and meet the personal challenge of riding approximately 150 miles to show our support. Please feel free to click the links and learn more about MS and donate to our teams page. The denotations go directly to the National MS Society. Donate more than $50.00 by April 19, 2016 and share our BP MS 150 Facebook Status with your friends. You will be put in drawing to win 2 Yeti 30oz. Cups. The drawing will be on the April 25, 2016 and the winner will be notified by private Facebook message. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or the prize will go to the next name drawn.

April 19, 2016

January 23, 2016

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The Silkies Hike @ Memorial Park, Houston
The 22 km hike, with a 22 kg pack, for the 22 vets a day who kill themselves. The hike provides the therapy and treatment for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress and other stressors to effectively prevent suicide by using humor and camaraderie to heal these mental wounds. The mission of the Silkies Hike is to bring veterans together with laughter and camaraderie, create a support network for veterans, and provides a day of therapy - in order to prevent veteran suicide. These hikes support and spread our bottom line: "put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer." 

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We had fun in the Memorial Park Area. These Veterans show up in there silkies (PT Gear (well some of it)) to show respect and honor the 22 Veterans a day that commit suicide. PTSD is a real disorder that affects many aspects of these young American lives. Some worse than others but never the less we are brothers and stand side by side in the fight to raise more awareness. We had a great time with these guys and look forward to more fun 22 kick ruck marches.

Other Events and Charities We Support

The entire family walks and donates to the Alzheimer's Foundation every year in Sugar Land. This is personal for us because my grandfather struggle with Alzheimer's until his passing. Plus it brings our family together through positive community events.

Top Photos: Meet Mr. Carson that was diagnosed with a medical condition that prohibits him from doing strenuous activities. He is a Vietnam Veteran. His son was also a Marine killed in Afghanistan during the war. There is a neat story behind this. While I was helping clean up Mr. Carson's yard we got to talking about his service. He asked me where I had been, so I told him. I mentioned FOB Warhorse and he smiled and said he knew where it was. We got to talking even more. He built a lot of the places like the ice cream bar in the DEFAC and the Movie Theater so we could enjoy movies. He remembers the almost nightly mortar attacks and described things to me that only a resident of FOB Warhorse would have known. Now what are the chances tha! We want to thank Mr. Carson and his son for their sacrifices and service to our country.

Bottom Right: We also do the Travis Manion Foundation 5k walk/ run every year.  This is a great foundation that give approximately 75% of their donations to the families of first responders and military families in need.